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We will send you a confirmation email each time your subscription orders are fulfilled. This email will contain your order contents, payment processing confirmation, and tracking number.

Your orders will be fulfilled and shipped within 48h after placing the order or as per your “Schedule order”. Delivery time is 2-3 day within the USA. Future orders will ship based on the frequency you selected during your initial purchase. For example, if you select “Every 2 months,” your subscription order will ship every two months on the anniversary date of your initial order.

Yes! Sign into your account at anytime to edit your subscription. Click “Pause” in the menu if you need to put on hold .You can also edit your schedule, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time.

Sure thing! Sign into your account at anytime to reactivate your subscription. Find the scheduled subscription order that you would like to resume. Click the “Resume” button, and your subscription will be reactivated.

No limitations! You can order any KanaBest™ product that’s available in our store for the 10% discount as long as your subscription is active.

You can edit your method of payment for subscription by signing into your account at . Click “Payment Methods” in the menu. Edit or delete your current card on file, or click “Add payment method” to add a new card. After making any changes to your credit card, you will need to assign the new card to your subscription. Before leaving the Payment methods page, be sure to apply your preferred card to your Scheduled Orders.

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