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CBD product Benefits of CBD oil KanaBest-CBD-oil-for-sleep-Relax-epilepsy-Pain-Management-Full-Spectrum-Hemp-Seed-Oil-Base CBD products

Over time more and more people have heard about CBD products, some of the people even using these products for chronic medical conditions.

CBD product FDA approved

Although the FDA has not yet approved any marketing application to promote CBD as a treatment for various ailments or diseases, the agency agreed to approve a drug product derived from the cannabis plant, namely:

But also three other synthetic products that are related to cannabis, products such as:

The medicinal products mentioned above are only available by prescription from authorized healthcare providers.

CBD product usage

As of July 31, 2020, the US Administration for Alignments and Medicines has agreed to approve the oral solution, Epidiolex – a product that contains cannabidiol and can be considered as a treatment for seizures in patients with tuberous sclerosis (CTS).

TSC is a fairly rare genetic disease that causes the growth of benign tumors in the brain and other parts of the body, such as the eyes, heart, lungs, skin or kidneys. This condition is harmful to the central nervous system due to the fact that it causes developmental delays, behavioral problems and seizures.

Epidiolex has also been approved as a treatment for the two rare forms of epilepsy:

  • Lennox Syndrome – Gastaut (LGS)
  • Dravet Syndrome (DS)

CBD is a chemical component that is extracted from the cannabis plant.

An important thing to keep in mind is that CBD-based products are not addictive, but neither are intoxications or euphoric and psychoactive feelings similar to those arising from the use of tetrahydrocannabinol.

The FDA believes that the process of approving cannabis-derived treatments is a good way to discover new drugs that can have an effect on patients experiencing those rare forms of epilepsy.

Douglas Throckmorton, co-director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Research and Evaluation Regulatory Program, said “new therapies are safe, effective, and high quality.”

The FDA continues to do all sorts of tests and research to demonstrate how CBD-based products act on the human body and how effective their use is.

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KanaBest™ is a dedicated company to people’s needs, driven by the belief that wellness delivers happiness. Our goal is to create an easy way to integrate CBD benefits into their daily routine and help them to live their best life. We are proud that our CBD and Hemp products are 100% Natural, NON-GMO, Organic Grown, Vegan, GMP and Pharma-Grade certificated.

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