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CBD tinctures use for Tourette’s syndrome and for tics related to the syndrome.

CBD tinctures can be found in various forms. KanaBest™ CBD oil is one of the most loved product for helping those suffering from severe depression. Tourette’s syndrome is characterized by polymorphic vocal and motor tics that occur and change frequently. Therefore, Tourette’s syndrome is a neuropsychiatric condition that begins in childhood. Some examples of tics that occur in Tourette’s syndrome are: repetitive cough, repetitive and rapid blinking of the eyelids, repetition of words / phrases.

What are the benefits of using KanaBest™ CBD oil in Tourette’s syndrome?

Cbd oil has the ability to act on those parts of the brain that are affected by motor function. The cbd also has properties to reduce both the frequency and intensity of motor and verbal tics. Moreover, it has an important role in treating behavioral disorders such as hyperactivity and aggression, but also maintains the level of serotonin in the nervous system, to calm and treat anxiety or stress disorders and alleviates obsessive-compulsive disorder.

 Reduction of tics in Tourette’s syndrome by using KanaBest™ cbd oil.

Whether we are talking about severe tics or major tics, they are divided into 2 types. Motor tics or vocal tics, a tic denotes either a speech or an involuntary / spontaneous movement that has a short duration.

The results of a study conducted in 1998 by the Hannover Medical School on research into how the use of cbd oil reduces the frequency of tics for patients with Tourrette’s syndrome, showed that tics were reduced for 82% of study participants.

 Reducing the aggression and hyperactivity disorders that are associated with Tourette’s syndrome by using KanaBest™ cbd oil.

Both aggression and hyperactivity disorders or tantrums are similar to tics found in people with Tourette’s syndrome.

In 2014, Yale Medical School conducted a study that showed that both Tourette’s syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have similar components.

How to administer KanaBest™ cbd oil in Tourette’s syndrome.

It is recommended to use a small dose of 40-50 mg of CBD in the initial phase, and then the dose can be increased until the desired results are obtained.

Life Sciences published research that has shown that cannabinoids can increase the effectiveness of drugs used for Tourette’s syndrome when the products are used as supplements.

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